Will Craig Wright Get A Million Bitcoins …

Will Craig Wright get a million bitcoins at his disposal on January 1, 2020?

Next week, Craig Wright, the man who continues to insist that he was the one hiding behind the Satoshi Nakamoto mask, should receive the keys that will give him access to wallets containing more than a million bitcoins, or over $ 8 billion at current rates. This amount could lead to a sharp collapse of the cryptocurrency market, but the reliability of Wright’s promises raises serious doubts..

The bitcoins, which, presumably, will be in Wright’s possession are connected with the joint activities of the self-styled Satoshi and his deceased partner Dave Kleiman. According to the court decision, Wright must transfer half of the coins mined by partners to the Kleiman family..

Wright himself claims that he does not have access to the funds, since they are blocked in the wallets of the Seychelles Tulip Trust. Despite the lack of direct access to the keys, Wright states that Kleiman has hired a financially responsible courier who will provide him with the necessary data after 8 days..

At the same time, the only confirmation of Wright’s words is the alleged letter he received from Kleiman in 2011 and presented to the court in the course of the current proceedings. The letter states that Kleiman was the sole custodian of the 1.1 million BTC he received from Wright. Assets valued at $ 100,000 at the time were to be deposited in the wallets of a trust managed by “no less than three and no more than seven people.”.

The very authenticity of this letter is being questioned. The fact is that the term “satoshi” appears in it, while the cryptocurrency community thought about the name of the smallest unit of bitcoin only in 2013..

Will Craig Wright Get A Million Bitcoins ...

Wright’s position suggests that he might try to shift the blame onto a courier who might not be expected to deliver the keys on the appointed date. Speaking in court, Wright said that he had given instructions to Kleiman regarding the hiring of a courier, but the fact of his involvement was never confirmed..

Although the courier story dates back to long before Wright discovered Satoshi Nakamoto in himself, the current judge, like members of the broader cryptocurrency community, is inclined to believe that this is all just fiction..

Will Craig Wright Get A Million Bitcoins ...

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