Vitalik Buterin volunteered to sign the petition …

Vitalik Buterin volunteered to sign a petition for the release of Virgil Griffith

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin supports developer Virgil Griffith, arrested by the FBI for speaking at a conference in North Korea.

“I refuse to take the easy route and make Virgil the scapegoat because I firmly believe it’s wrong to do so,” Buterin wrote in a comment on Sunday’s call for a petition to release the developer..

The initiative was taken by the founder of the platform for certification of business documents on the blockchain, Enrico Talin, who spoke about Griffith in the best terms.

“When a fight is started, he always steps in and tries to settle everything, sometimes he gets punches himself. Does anyone really think that Virgil Griffith at the conference disclosed information about the blockchain that was not on the Internet before? Why is he in jail? Is it because discussing “smart contracts” or comparing “Proof-of-Work” and “Proof-of-Stake” is now illegal? Please, let’s not create another martyr like Aaron Schwartz, ”writes Talin, referring to an internet activist who was persecuted for using the Massachusetts Institute network with an illegal account with the alleged purpose of posting publicly available documents in it and found dead at at home soon after.

Vitalik Buterin volunteered to sign the petition ...

Buterin, like the Ethereum Foundation, notes that the visit to North Korea was a personal matter for Griffith, while calling the developer’s educational work a “virtue.”.

“I don’t think Virgil really gave the DPRK any support in carrying out the atrocities. He gave a presentation based on publicly available information on open source software. If there was evidence to the contrary, my reaction would be much more negative, writes Buterin. – I hope the US will show strength in this situation and will not prosecute programmers for blabbing public information..

Vitalik Buterin volunteered to sign the petition ...

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