Vitalik Buterin donated $ 2.4 million for …

Vitalik Buterin donated $ 2.4 million for anti-aging research

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin donated $ 2.4 million to SENS Research Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to “research, development and promotion of comprehensive regenerative medicine solutions for aging diseases.”.

Buterin stated, “I’ve been a fan of Aubrey since I read Undo Aging when I was a teenager. I am happy to have the opportunity to personally support SENS’s efforts.

They are dedicated to developing solutions for the diseases of aging, one of the greatest problems of humanity, which is consistent with my personal goal of changing the lives of millions of people around the world for the better. “.

Dr. Aubrey Dee Gray, Chief Scientist at SENS, recently named “a leading exponent of life extension,” conducts research to prevent the aging process.

“He is working on“ Strategies for Programmable Negligible Aging ”(SENS), a series of techniques supposedly to rejuvenate the human body and prevent aging..

In this direction, he discovered 7 types of molecular and cellular damage caused by inherent metabolic processes. SENS is a group of treatments that are believed to repair this damage, ”says Wikipedia.

Vitalik Buterin donated $ 2.4 million for ...

SENS Research Foundation CEO Mike Cope commented on receiving the donation from Buterin: “The SENS Research Foundation has been honored with Vitalik’s extraordinary generosity. This is the second donation he made to us in 2017. His support is critical to expanding SENS programs.

Our work in treating the diseases of aging depends on the generous support of our sponsors. We greatly appreciate this support. “.

Buterin, who owns at least 375,000 ETH, has repeatedly sponsored various charities, but the latest donation was the largest for an Ethereum creator to date..

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