Vitalik Buterin: Benefits of Ethereum 2.0 …

Vitalik Buterin: The benefits of Ethereum 2.0 will appear sooner than many think

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin answered questions from Reddit users related to the launch of the second version of the protocol. Significant improvements in network performance can be expected sooner than many suggest, Buterin says.

“The merger will happen faster, the PoS will happen faster, your enticing 100,000 transactions per second will happen faster. I expect updates to Eth2 to be faster and more consistent than Eth1, ”he wrote..

At the same time, he said that now it is possible to use roll-up technology to achieve a throughput of 4,000 transactions per second and a hundredfold savings on commissions based on Eth1. He also noted that he considers promising developments in the field of privacy using ZK-SNARK technology, carried out by the Aztec and Maci projects..

In addition, Buterin responded to user concerns about deposits in Ethereum 2.0, the rates of which are not yet in line with those expected for the launch of the zero phase on December 1. User doubts are caused, among other things, by the impossibility of withdrawing the deposited assets before the transition of Ethereum 2.0 to the first stage.

Vitalik Buterin: Benefits of Ethereum 2.0 ...

“In the highly unlikely scenario, if Eth2 somehow never progresses past phase zero, I will fully support the intervention. using a hard fork with the aim of adding withdrawal support to the deposit contract so that the stakers can get their assets back, “he wrote.

Separately, Buterin highlighted the answer about the maximum emission of Eth2, calling this moment “somewhat unpopular, but important.” “Realistically, Ethereum will be a rapidly changing ecosystem over the next two years. The ultimate goal of Ethereum is to create a stable and reliable system, however, if you are in Ethereum now, you should not be here because you believe that the current rules should be protected and stabilized at any cost, but because you believe in the vector of the ecosystem’s development. The emission plan is 4.7 million over the next 1-2 years, or how much it will take for a merger, and after that – 0-2 million per year minus burned commissions, which may even exceed the emission, “he explained..

Vitalik Buterin: Benefits of Ethereum 2.0 ...

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