VeChain breaks out in the top 20 cryptocurrency …

VeChain breaks out in the top 20 of the cryptocurrency market, adding 50% per day

VeChain cryptocurrency has shown the largest growth in the top 100 cryptocurrency market in the last 24 hours. Within 24 hours, its price increased by 50%, in a week – almost doubled.

The current growth is observed without any visible news prerequisites. Some suggest that insiders are moving up VET in anticipation of the announcement of VeChain’s cooperation with a large company that will use its logistics services on the blockchain..

The World Conference on Artificial Intelligence will be held on July 9-11. It is organized by the Shanghai authorities in an online format, and Amazon, Alibaba and Microsoft are announced as participants in addition to VeChain. Potential VeChain partner may not be on this list.

In May, it became known that pharmaceutical giant Bayer had partnered with VeChain to develop a drug tracking platform. Also in late June, Australian shoe manufacturer Chase Shiel announced the launch of a limited edition Air Max sneaker, which will be authenticated using a VeChain-developed chip. Investors hope that potential cooperation will be more extensive. One of the community members counted 217 connections and agreements with VeChain.

VeChain breaks out in the top 20 cryptocurrency ...

In addition, expectations of the addition of cryptocurrency to the American exchange Coinbase may have a positive impact on the price of VeChain. In mid-June, she disclosed another list of assets that are currently being considered for listing. One of them is VET.

Others suggest that behind the latest VET pump there may be one “whale” that has placed large orders for the purchase of cryptocurrency, while it is premature to talk about a broader hype.

Together with today’s rise, VeChain has broken out into the top 20 cryptocurrencies and reached a capitalization of $ 800 million.In early 2018, it was in the top 15, but since then it has surrendered its positions in front of other projects. At that time, even before the transition to its own blockchain, the price of the ERC20 VEN token exceeded $ 8.

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