The US Department of Justice has revealed the secret of what happened on …

US Department of Justice reveals the mystery of this week’s transfer of $ 1 billion in bitcoin

The US Department of Justice has arrested and intends to seize over $ 1 billion in bitcoin, writes The Block.

According to the Ministry of Justice, the investigation used Chainalysis tools to identify “54 previously unrecognized bitcoin transactions carried out by Silk Road, all of which are believed to be bitcoins that were proceeds from illegal activities and were stolen from Silk Road in or around 2012 and 2013 “.

“These funds are said to have been traced back to a bitcoin address. Further investigation revealed that these funds were associated with person “X”. Subsequently, it was determined that the person “X” had stolen funds from Silk Road by hacking, “- writes the Ministry of Justice.

According to the filings, Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht “found out the identity of person X on the network and threatened person X to return the cryptocurrency. Person “X” did not return the cryptocurrency, leaving and not spending it “.

The documents also state that the authorities know “the identity of person X”. On November 3, 2020, it signed an agreement to seize the cryptocurrency by the California attorney’s office. On the same day, the attention of participants in the cryptocurrency space was riveted to the transaction of 69,369 bitcoins, as a result of which the fourth largest wallet in the cryptocurrency blockchain was emptied. The authorities also seized assets in Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin SV, all of which were separated from Bitcoin or its forks..

The US Department of Justice has revealed the secret of what happened on ...

Prosecutor David Anderson noted that after Ulbricht was sentenced, “the billion dollar question remained open.” Where did the money go? Today’s exemption statement answers this question, at least in part. $ 1 billion of that criminal proceeds is now owned by the United States, ”Anderson added..

Curiously, the last transaction from the mentioned address was sent in 2015. Then its owner transferred 101 BTC to the disbanded BTC-e exchange, whose operator Alexander Vinnik is being prosecuted by the US authorities on charges of laundering multibillion-dollar amounts through cryptocurrencies.

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