The Request … payment solution was launched.

The Request Network payment solution was launched on the main Ethereum network

Cryptocurrency startup Request Network announced the launch of its solution for accepting payments on the Ethereum main network.

The current version of the Request Network protocol allows:

  • Connect to the network using Metamask wallet or Ledger hardware wallet;
  • Create, send and pay bills using Ethereum. In the near future, the developers promise to add support for ERC20 tokens;
  • Pay one bill several times;
  • Update already sent invoice;
  • Check all incoming and outgoing accounts associated with the user’s ETH address.

The developers note that today’s release should be considered a beta version, but at the same time, it marks the stage when the Request Network protocol begins to acquire new features..

Together with the launch of the main product, the token destruction mechanism was activated. Every time a user makes a request on the Ethereum mainnet, a commission is charged. Tokens held in this way will be destroyed to further stimulate the development of the ecosystem.

The Request ... payment solution was launched.

As the developers note, the product presented today includes only a small part of the functionality that, according to their idea, the comprehensive payment solution Request Network will have..

Additional features will be implemented using specialized decentralized applications. A payment application is already available, with the help of which merchants can accept payments on their websites.

In addition, Request Network promises to develop a crowdfunding application for ICO organizers, which will include all the functions related to financing such campaigns..

One of the interesting applications may be an application for accounting and taxation of cryptocurrency payments. It will allow, for example, to directly integrate data from merchant invoices and automatically take into account all necessary deductions and additional costs when accepting payments.

Simultaneously with the company’s announcement, the REQ / ETH and REQ / BTC trading pairs were launched on the Huobi Korea exchange.

At the beginning of the week, the developers of the Request Network announced the conclusion of an agreement with the consulting firm PwC.

The Request ... payment solution was launched.

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