The first bitcoin wallet released on Google Play …

The first Bitcoin wallet using the Lightning Network is released on Google Play

The Lightning Network Protocol (LN) received its first mobile application in the form of an Eclair wallet developed by ACINQ. It was released on April 4th.

The innovation trend for Lightning continues – Eclair wallet is available for devices running Android 5.0 and higher.

It is the first mobile wallet for the main Bitcoin network to use the Lightning Network protocol and is becoming more popular..

“Eclair Wallet is a next-generation bitcoin wallet capable of running on the Lightning protocol. It can be used as a regular bitcoin wallet, but also connect it to the Lightning Network to make payments cheap and fast, ”wrote ACINQ in its product description on GitHub. “This app is based on Eclair and is Lightning Network compliant.”.

Eclair Wallet, our Lightning wallet for Android, is now available on Google Play. Source code is available on GitHub.

The SegWit solution – which was de facto a prerequisite for the Lightning Network protocol to work properly on the main Bitcoin network – began to be applied more widely in February and March, which accelerated the pace of LN development..

Last week, the market saw several new LN products, and a few weeks before that, the first LN implementation for the main Bitcoin network was successfully “published”.

The first bitcoin wallet released on Google Play ...

User reactions to the Android version of Eclair on social media have been positive, but they are still asking ACINQ to release an iOS equivalent. However, according to commenters, this is unlikely to be an easy task – due to the requirements for the program code.

In addition, the application has been criticized by those who want to both send and receive LN payments using Eclair, but this functionality, according to ACINQ, is only available to those who have launched their own node..

At the time of this writing, there are 1335 public nodes and 3729 open channels in LN for the main network.

In the future, LN is expected to allow all Bitcoin users to send transactions almost instantly for no more than one US cent..

The first bitcoin wallet released on Google Play ...

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