The experts went on the trail of hackers who stole …

Experts tracked hackers who stole $ 60 million from the Japanese crypto exchange Zaif

Cybersecurity experts from Japan Digital Design, a division of the Japanese financial corporation Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), reported that they may have discovered information about attackers who stole $ 60 million from the Zaif crypto exchange. company statement released on Monday.

According to Japan Digital Design, it has been studying asset movements since the exchange incident and discovered the “source” of the attack after assets in Monacoin started moving in the second half of last month..

The company notes that it passed on the information it received to the authorities. “Since the start of the Monacoin move on October 20, we have assessed the sources of the five transactions in question and provided information to the authorities regarding the characteristics of the sender of the transactions,” she writes..

Analysts do not publicly disclose the information they have obtained, as well as its scale, however, they note: “In the course of the investigation of the leak of the virtual currency, the payment channel was analyzed using static blockchain analysis. By installing a virtual currency node after the virtual currency leaked, we have confirmed if we can get clues like the source IP address, etc. We have also collected useful data to confirm the accuracy of the information and the cost of tracking. “.

Licensed Japanese crypto exchange Zaif was hacked in September when it lost about $ 60 million in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Monacoin.

The experts went on the trail of hackers who stole ...

Last month, Japan’s Financial Services Authority said it intends to obtain further information on the incident from the Tech Bureau’s Zaif operator, including an explanation of why the break-in was delayed..

Also in October, the Tech Bureau unveiled a compensation plan for injured users, under which the Zaif exchange goes to the investment company Fisco..

Last week, Bitfury, in the course of its expert analysis, found that most of the bitcoins stolen from the South Korean trading platform Bithumb subsequently entered the Yobit exchange..

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