The developers of the Electrum crypto wallet warned …

Electrum crypto wallet developers warn users about phishing attack

The developers of the Electrum cryptocurrency wallet on their Twitter announced an ongoing phishing attack aimed at users of their software. They draw attention to the fact that the official site for downloading the wallet is, and urge users not to resort to the help of other sources..

According to information on GitHub, Electrum users receive an error message when trying to submit a transaction, where they are prompted to update the software using a malicious link. The message is displayed to users who are not lucky enough to connect to the servers installed by the attacker to carry out this attack.

To increase his own chances of success, the organizer of the attack spawned many servers or so-called “Sibyls”. The image below shows a sharp jump in peers in the network a few days before the start of active actions on his part..

Electrum crypto wallet developers warned ...

The developers note that they have already released an updated version of the software, where the error message generated by the attacker is displayed in a different form, which makes it possible to partially protect users, but is not the final fix of the problem. They did not immediately announce the release of the new version of the wallet, because the attacks stopped shortly before the release, but then resumed.

A Reddit user posted a link to the attacker’s alleged wallet, which received over 243 bitcoins in 3 transactions during the last 24 hours. This address is likely to be used to collect funds sent by victims to other addresses controlled by the attacker.

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