The brother of drug lord Pablo Escobar released …

Drug lord Pablo Escobar’s brother releases his own bitcoin fork

Roberto Escobar, brother of the famous drug lord Pablo Escobar, created and launched his own cryptocurrency. Diet Bitcoin (DDX) is a fork of Bitcoin and, according to the creator’s idea, solves some of the problems associated with the use of the original cryptocurrency. Newcomer Crypto Entrepreneur Releases Book Describing DDX Potential.

Escobar Inc, an investment company owned by Escobar, has confirmed the information about the launch of the cryptocurrency.

The DDX team is determined, and COO Escobar Inc, Dariel Reitberg said: “The cost will be very high since our figures are identical to Bitcoin, except for the fact that we are now 4,000 times cheaper.”.

Escobar Inc CEO Olof Gustafsson added: “Why would anyone on this planet buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency when there is no real team behind them? Escobar Inc is committed to fully supporting the Bitcoin diet and managing day-to-day operations with Bitcoin. “.

In parallel with the launch of the cryptocurrency, the company published the book “Diet Bitcoin by Roberto Escobar”. Its author claims that the original bitcoin was created by the CIA, not Satoshi Nakamoto. The world will know the true creator when it’s too late, Escobar writes. When the US intelligence agency betrays itself, it will immediately get rid of all the bitcoins it owns, thus bringing down the cryptocurrency rate..

The brother of drug lord Pablo Escobar released ...

According to Gustafsson, Escobar has every reason to link the creation of bitcoin with the American government. He claims that an undercover agent tried to interfere with the activities of Escobar Inc, but Escobar exposed him and found out who actually created the first cryptocurrency..

Roberto himself claims that his cryptocurrency is the only acceptable alternative to Bitcoin or any other digital currency, most of which are created by scammers..

“Can hold onto his worthless coins. Hold Ethereum, hold TRON, hold Ripple, hold Bitcoin. You will see what happens. They will all drop to zero, almost to zero. But not my coin. Because my coin will become the new work of my life, ”he writes in his book.

The brother of drug lord Pablo Escobar released ...

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