The Bank of Russia has revealed the first plans for …

The Bank of Russia revealed the first plans to test the digital ruble

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation announced testing of the digital ruble with the involvement of a limited number of participants, Izvestia writes. Readiness to support the project has already been expressed by MKB, Promsvyazbank, Zenit, Dom.RF and RNKB.

According to information from the State Duma, the experiment can be carried out in the first half of next year. It is proposed to transfer the digital ruble to a “wallet” that will become an analogue of a bank card. To work with the new system, you will need to reconfigure payment terminals in retail outlets, the publication says..

The Central Bank noted that if the new form of the ruble is approved, citizens will be able to receive salaries, benefits and other payments in it. The regulator itself will be responsible for the development of a payment platform for digital currency.

The department expects that the new system will reduce payment commissions in comparison with other non-cash methods. Commercial banks may be given the opportunity to offer customers additional services based on the digital ruble.

Anatoly Aksakov, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on the Financial Market, said that a number of companies had shown interest in the digital ruble, and everything was ready to test it legally and technologically..

The Bank of Russia has revealed the first plans for ...

“The digital currency of the Central Bank will be in demand as it simplifies transactions on the Internet. However, if there is no element of anonymity, which is inherent in cash or bills, the attitude of the population is likely to be wary, “said Alexander Naumov, Deputy Head of the National Council of the Financial Market.

Recall that the publication of the Bank of Russia report on the digital ruble for public consultations took place on October 13. The authors of the report emphasized that the digital ruble will not be a cryptocurrency. At the same time, for the technical implementation of the tool, the possibility of using a distributed system is considered. The Central Bank noted that such systems are characterized by increased stability, but, as a rule, they work slower than centralized counterparts..

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