Tencent and SoftBank Deny Information …

Tencent and SoftBank Deny Bitmain’s Investment Round

Tencent Holdings and SoftBank Group have denied information about their participation in the round of fundraising, which the Chinese mining company Bitmain, allegedly conducted on the eve of the IPO.

Reports that the named firms had shown interest in Bitmain’s proposal initially surfaced in the Chinese media in early August. However, both Tencent and Softbank denied this information in response to a request from CoinDesk..

A Tencent spokesman wrote that the Hong Kong-listed company “is not involved in this investment,” thus commenting on several reports. “This news is not true,” he said.

A representative of SoftBank gave a similar answer. “Neither SoftBank Group Corp. nor SoftBank Vision Fund were in any way involved in this transaction,” he said. When asked about his company’s interest in investing in Bitmain in the past or in the future, a representative from SoftBank said that he had nothing to share at the moment..

Another company that allegedly took part in the investment round – China International Capital Corporation (CICC) – did not deny the available information, but did not confirm it either. “We have no comments on this,” the company said..

Tencent and SoftBank Deny Information ...

Various reports in the Chinese media indicate that the IPO-oriented blog was the original source of this information. "IPO Zao Zhi Dao". Its owner is under the nickname "Uncle C" originally posted a message on July 23, in which he referred to “exclusive sources” who agreed to disclose information about potential investors who might be interested in investing in Bitmain.

In addition to Tencent, the announcement listed the Singapore government fund GIC, the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority and the Canadian Pension Fund as participants in the investment round. When the message spread through the Chinese media, Tencent said it “cannot comment on the situation.”.

On August 4, another post appeared on the same blog, the author of which stated that Bitmain had officially completed the pre-IPO round of fundraising, raising $ 1 billion at a market value of $ 15 billion after its end. This post again mentioned Tencent, Softbank and CICC as participants in the investment round.

Tencent and SoftBank Deny Information ...

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