SegWit2x Project Leader Mike Belsh: For hard …

SegWit2x Project Leader Mike Belsh: Things Are Going Well For Bitcoin Hard Forks

BitGo Service Leader and SegWit2x Project Leader Mike Belsh said that despite community disagreements over the need to increase block sizes, “things are going well for the SegWit2x hard fork.” He wrote about this in his blog..

SegWit2x hard fork is about a month away from activation. The controversial hard fork is intended to increase block sizes, which in turn will increase the scalability of the network. Several New York Agreement members have already refused to support the hard fork, citing various reasons, including lack of protection against replay attacks, lack of community consensus, and lack of support from Bitcoin Core developers..

At the same time, supporters of the hard fork claimed that about 95% of the hashpower of miners supported SegWit2x, and assured that the original bitcoin blockchain could not survive without the support of miners. However, the F2Pool mining pool, which accounts for about 10% of the network hash rate, has already stopped signaling in support of SegWit2x.

Some analysts argue that the recent surge in Bitcoin price is a reflection of rejection of the hard fork among both traders and miners, who are still signaling support for the decision..

Despite the apparent controversy, Belsh remains optimistic and writes: “Segwit2x is not a big, pinpoint fix that addresses one problem — the scalability problem. As tensions continue to build, facts remain facts: we can maintain community integrity and increase block size. “.

SegWit2x Project Leader Mike Belsh: For hard ...

However, it is not entirely clear which community Belsh is going to preserve the integrity of, if a significant part of the Bitcoin ecosystem participants have expressed a desire to remain in the original blockchain..

“Although we don’t know for sure how things will go in November, things are looking good. It’s a simple change that will benefit all of us, ”Belsh adds..

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