OKEx Founder gave first comment after …

OKEx founder gave first comment after starting withdrawal problems

The founder of the OKEx cryptocurrency exchange Mingxing “Star” Xu broke his silence today after a month’s absence, Bloomberg writes. Xu said he was cooperating with the Chinese police on a merger investigation by his company OK Group several years ago..

According to Xu, the investee was involved in a “complex” litigation, but he himself was not guilty of anything. The founder of OKEx did not go into details of the case.

“The authorities clarified the problem and proved my innocence,” he wrote in a WeChat message. “In the coming days, I will call everyone who has supported OK Group to express my gratitude.”.

It is not clear which case Xu is talking about. OKG was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange last year by taking over an already listed company.

OKEx announced yesterday that it is preparing to resume withdrawals by November 27th. The exchange froze outgoing transactions on October 16, explaining that one of the holders of its private key was unavailable due to the ongoing investigation. Although the company does not speak directly about this, Chinese media sources claim that Xu is the holder of the private key. In addition, the time of his absence coincides with the period when OKEx clients were unable to retrieve cryptocurrency from the exchange..

OKEx Founder gave first comment after ...

“The problem that prompted OKEx to deploy these emergency security measures has been resolved. All user assets can be withdrawn without restriction after the withdrawal is resumed, “the company writes..

Xu opened the OKCoin exchange, the predecessor of OKEx, in 2013 and subsequently turned his attention to blockchain initiatives within the OK Group. Initially, the exchange operated from China, but against the background of the prohibitive policy of local authorities, it moved to Malta. OKEx claims that the founder is not currently directly related to her..

OKG Technology Holdings Ltd. since today’s announcement, Xu has climbed 23%. The own token OKEx (OKB) is also growing. In recent days, its price has increased by 25% to $ 6.

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