Notice of cancellation of Alexander’s extradition …

The message about the cancellation of the extradition of Alexander Vinnik to the USA or France was not confirmed

The lawyer of the Russian Alexander Vinnik, detained in Greece, Timofey Musatov, continues to await information from the Supreme Court regarding the filed petition to review court decisions, TASS writes. He also said that the final decision on this issue should be made by the Minister of Justice of Greece..

Earlier, Human Rights Ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova in a conversation with RIA Novosti said that the Greek court overturned the decision to extradite Vinnik to France or the United States.

“Only the Russian Federation remains. While we are helping Alexander through humanitarian channels, “she added.

According to Musatov, the procedure stipulated by law requires the court to set a date for a hearing and decide to reopen the case. “They don’t want to consider the case. Their task is not to start considering the case, so the court left to think about whether it could consider such cases, “he added..

Moskalkova noted that she is in contact with the Ombudsman of Greece Andreas Pottakis, who played a role in organizing events to withdraw Vinnik from the hunger strike.

On November 6, the Judicial Council of the Supreme Court of Greece held a closed session on the motion filed by Vinnik. Vinnik’s Greek lawyer said that she was given time to submit additional documents, after which a decision will be made. “It is not known when this decision will be announced – in a week, two or three weeks, a month,” she said..

Notice of cancellation of Alexander's extradition ...

The Americans accuse Vinnik, the alleged operator of the defunct BTC-e exchange, of organizing a criminal scheme using cryptocurrencies, through which, according to their version, $ 4 billion was laundered. In Russia, Vinnik is accused of fraud worth 600 thousand rubles.

In July, the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) demanded that BTC-e and Vinnik pay $ 88.6 million and $ 12 million, respectively, in damages..

Material changed to include information from Timofey Musatov

Notice of cancellation of Alexander's extradition ...

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