Nicholas Maduro advertises a crypto wallet …

Nicholas Maduro advertises crypto wallet Trezor on Venezuelan Central Television

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro appeared on the country’s central television on November 6 with a hardware wallet for storing cryptocurrencies in his hands. The device is believed to have been manufactured by Trezor, writes Cointelegraph.

In a snippet titled “Frequent Crypto Companies Are Operating in Venezuela” Maduro meets people from Trezorvenezuela, which, according to the story, is Trezor’s representative in Venezuela.

Trezorvenezuela has her own Instagram account and Facebook page where she links to Trezor’s official website

After the information appeared in the media, Trezor reported on their own Twitter account that they had no official representatives in Venezuela and were not aware of the technology exhibition taking place there. “We are investigating this issue,” they added..

Commentators suggest Trezorvenezuela is most likely an unlicensed reseller of Trezor wallets in Venezuela.

Nicholas Maduro advertises a crypto wallet ...

Earlier Maduro promised to provide Venezuelans with access to “free domestic and international payments” based on cryptocurrencies.

UPD: In its blog, the company writes: “These people were Trezor Authorized Resellers based on a mutual agreement entered into in the third quarter of 2018. We removed them from the list of authorized resellers in June 2019 due to inactivity. We do not limit the sale of our products in any particular region and do not track these products in any way “.

Nicholas Maduro advertises a crypto wallet ...

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