Media: The Winklevoss brothers intend to sue …

Media: Winklevoss brothers intend to sue Charlie Shrem for 5,000 bitcoins

According to The New York Times, the founders of the Gemini crypto exchange, brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, are suing early bitcoin proponent and entrepreneur Charlie Schrem over several thousand bitcoins that he allegedly stole in a business transaction several years ago..

Shrem, who was serving a prison sentence for money laundering and providing financial services without a license through his BitInstant exchange, helped the brothers invest in bitcoin in 2012..

In its post, The New York Times cites a lawsuit brought by the Winklevoss in September, in which Shrem named their first crypto investment advisor, to whom they donated $ 750,000 to buy bitcoins for them. In September 2012, they gave him another $ 250,000 for the same purpose, later realizing that they did not receive the full amount of bitcoins. Now they want to get back about 5,000 bitcoins, or almost $ 32 million at the current exchange rate. At the time of the deal in 2012, Bitcoin was worth about $ 12.50.

The brothers claim that they turned to Shrem with a demand to return the bitcoins, but this was never satisfied. The lawsuit also provides an inventory of Shrem’s major purchases since his release from prison, when he allegedly had almost no money: two Maserati sports cars, two boats and a $ 2 million real estate in Florida. unpaid bitcoins.

“Either Shrem was extremely lucky and successful after his release from prison, or, more likely, he ‘acquired’ these six properties, two Maserati, two boats and other property for the increased value of 5,000 bitcoins, which he stole.” the lawsuit says.

Media: The Winklevoss brothers intend to sue ...

The publication also reports that some of Shrem’s assets have been frozen in court proceedings in the past. Defendant’s lawyer Brian Klein said: “The lawsuit incorrectly claims that Charlie, in fact, embezzled several thousand bitcoins 6 years ago. There is not even a grain of truth here. Charlie plans to actively defend himself and quickly restore his good name. “.

In September, Shrem recommended that crypto investors forget about volatility and focus on five-year investments.

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