Made the first purchase of a tangible item …

Made the first purchase of a tangible product using Lighting Network technology

The first ever purchase of a tangible product using Lighting Network technology was made 2 days ago. This is written by a Reddit user under the nickname / u / btc_throwaway1337, who bought a VPN router by connecting to the TorGuard seller through the established channel.

Lightning Network, a technology for scaling the bitcoin blockchain, allows you to create and maintain a network of payment channels connecting users, and record data about the transfer of funds to the blockchain only after all calculations are completed.

As a Reddit user explained, he saw an ad for TorGuard inviting him to use the service on the company’s Twitter:

According to him, the transaction was carried out instantly and did not require payment of a commission..

“I am a regular BTC enthusiast who had some free time last weekend. I saw TorGuard’s tweet and decided to contact them. I asked if I could pay for more than a monthly subscription, the employee gave me the information I needed, I opened a channel, got an invoice, and here you are!
Everything went quickly, easily, painlessly and most importantly: instantly and without commissions! “

Having started accepting payments through the Lightning Network, TorGuard warned potential customers that the c-lightning network at the current stage does not meet operational requirements, and expressed its willingness to compensate for any losses they may suffer..

The first purchase of a tangible item was made ...

Over the past few years, fees on the Bitcoin network have grown steadily, making the largest cryptocurrency virtually unusable for microtransactions. Last year, the platform for distributing Steam content refused to accept payments in bitcoin.

If the Lightning Network experiment proves to be successful, it is possible that Bitcoin could again be used to send small transactions instantly, with minimal fees..

Recall that Torguard announced the start of accepting transactions through the Lightning Network a few weeks ago.

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