Ledger users for the second day cannot …

Ledger Users Can’t Access Bitcoin Cash Wallets for Day Two

Users of Ledger hardware wallets have been unable to access their Bitcoin Cash funds for two days and are actively discussing the issue on Reddit.

“I recently pulled all BTC, ETH and LTC from Coinbase to Nano S. Everything went well. However, later, when I tried to send BCH, the transfer went through, but the balance of the Ledger wallet is still 0. I selected “Main” and scanned the QT code to receive funds. Did I do something wrong? It’s been 36 hours already, ”one of the users writes.

On its website, Ledger reports that the problem arose due to the Bitcoin-ABC update: “The new version of Bitcoin-ABC (Bitcoin Cash nodes) is incompatible with our parser. Thus, the Ledger wallet displays an incorrect balance. The team is working to find a solution “.

Ledger reassures users that their funds are safe and informs that they are free to transfer Bitcoin Cash to their accounts.

“In an emergency, use Electron Cash to access them.”.

However, one Reddit user writes that the method using Electron Cash does not work either..

Ledger initially stated that they would fix the bug within a few hours, later adding that they did not have time to prepare a solution within the appointed time.

Ledger users for the second day cannot ...

“Re-syncing the nodes may take longer than we expected. We continue to monitor the situation and will post a message when we are ready to provide an estimated time. “.

Legder CTO Nicholas Bacca says it can take days to fix the problem.

“The team is still looking for a solution. I don’t follow the situation a lot, but if incorrect data entered our parser, it may be necessary to re-parse the entire chain, which will take several days. Thanks for your patience, and feel free to report an issue via Github Electron Cash if it doesn’t work either, “Bakka wrote..

Earlier, a 15-year-old teenager from the UK reported a critical vulnerability in the Ledger Nano S wallet.

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