KuCoin canceled transactions of users caught …

KuCoin canceled transactions of users convicted of using scripts during IEO MultiVAC

The KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange this Tuesday announced the measures taken following the investigation into the circumstances of IEO MultiVAC, completed in 7 seconds.

“Following the principles of parity and fairness, we analyzed users who used scripts during the token sale,” the exchange writes, adding that 67 such users were identified..

Users caught in the use of dishonest practices will not be able to receive tokens purchased on IEO. The corresponding number of MTVs will be transferred to the MultiVAC project, and the specified investors have already been returned their KCS tokens.

KuCoin also reported on the completion of MTV distribution in favor of those clients who tried to participate in IEO MultiVAC, but could not purchase tokens. Successful investors will receive their tokens after the completion of the additional MTV sale round, which will be held today at 14:00 Moscow time.

The individual limit for this round per account will be $ 120 or 89.8 KCS, in accordance with the rate set today. The sale of tokens will be carried out on a first come, first served basis. The exchange recommends that users refrain from manually updating the token sale status page, as this will be done automatically, and transfer the required amount of KCS to the “Trading Account” in advance.

KuCoin canceled transactions of users caught ...

On Monday, KuCoin announced that it plans to implement the ability to instantly deposit / withdraw US dollars for its users..

UPD: The additional round of IEO MultiVAC is over. Investor reviews on social media indicate that many of them successfully entered the campaign, largely due to the low limit on the number of tokens available for purchase..

Trading pairs MTV / BTC, MTV / ETH, MTV / USDT and MTV / KCS will be open today at 18:00 Moscow time. The exchange will report on the possibility of depositing / withdrawing funds in MTV separately.

KuCoin canceled transactions of users caught ...

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