Kaspersky Lab: The scammers switched …

Kaspersky Lab: Scammers switched from cryptocurrencies to bank cards

Hidden mining is losing its attractiveness in the eyes of cybercriminals, experts from Kaspersky Lab concluded.

According to their observations, this year the number of “unique malicious objects” increased by 13.7%, primarily due to an 187% increase in web skimmers used to steal bank card information. At the same time, the number of cases of infection with malicious mining software has dropped significantly.

Attacks by web miners were reported 59% less frequently – in total 2,259,038 devices were infected, while last year there were 5,638,828 of them. Nevertheless, malware such as Trojan.Script.Miner.gen, Trojan.BAT. Miner.gen and Trojan.JS.Miner.m are still in the top 20 threats. Such applications force the user’s computer to mine cryptocurrency, allowing the hacker to enrich himself from the electricity of his victims..

“We are seeing a slight decline in attacks on home computers, but the number of high-profile cryptocurrency ransomware infections is on the rise. For example, just two days ago, New Orleans suffered from such an attack “, – said the company’s analyst Denis Parinov.

In his opinion, hackers involved in hidden mining are looking for more profitable areas. Kaspersky Lab managed to find out that even telephone scammers are increasingly demanding bank card data, not cryptocurrency.

Kaspersky Lab: Scammers switched ...

“Attacks by miners have lost popularity due to low profitability, and cryptocurrencies are struggling with hidden mining,” said Vyacheslav Zakorzhevsky, head of the anti-virus research laboratory. – One of the most famous web mining services, Coinhive, has announced the economic inexpediency of its activities. This is due to the hard fork of Monero and a strong drop in the value of XMR in the market. “.

Parinov warned that the attacks of hidden miners remain a real threat, so users should pay attention to the suspicious decline in the performance of their computers: “The main symptom is a decline in performance. Delays or errors may appear. In addition, crypto mining requires some interaction with the network, but it can be difficult for an average PC user to notice. “.

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