HitBTC users report delays …

HitBTC users report delays in withdrawing funds

The cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC is blocking user accounts ahead of a “proof of key” event, CCN writes, citing several sources.

On December 31, the company responded to a complaint from Reddit user PEDXS accusing it of delaying asset stripping. According to him, he spent about six months to pass the verification and restore access to the account..

“After months of litigation and sending over 40 emails, HitBTC finally froze my account,” he writes. – I immediately withdrew most of the funds, but left some for day-to-day trading. I went for it because HitBTC promised “No additional automated restrictions”.

Another Reddit user reported that he faced similar problems: “I sent all documents / certificates for verification a few days ago. Now the support is ignoring me. Are they cheating on me? I have been trading cryptocurrencies for several years on all kinds of exchanges and have never encountered such a block without prior notification. The support responded quickly when they needed additional (redundant) information, but now that I provided them with everything they needed, they seemed to evaporate for me. “.

Another Reddit user, who introduced himself as an employee of the exchange, assured the participants in the conversation that he would record their complaints and consider them.

HitBTC users report delays ...

PEDXS suggested that HitBTC could have taken these measures on purpose, in anticipation of a possible mass withdrawal of assets by users. Recall that cryptocurrency holders are invited to withdraw their funds from exchange wallets on January 3 to make sure that their operators have the necessary reserves.

“The date of ‘proof of keys’ is approaching, and I got the feeling that HitBTC is the first contender for the title of bankruptcy. So I tried to withdraw bitcoins. As you might guess, they blocked my withdrawal request and froze the account again, ”added PEDXS.

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