Ethereum community split over controversial …

Ethereum community split over controversial proposal to defrost funds from Parity wallet

The controversy over one of Ethereum’s most controversial improvement proposals (EIP) is flaring up with renewed vigor. Writes about it CCN.

EIP-999, written by Parity Technologies developer Afri Shadon, proposes to update Ethereum software in such a way as to integrate the patch into the library for the multi-signature wallet contract and return the owners access to 513,000 ETH.

These funds, which at today’s rate are estimated at about $ 330 million, were frozen in November last year after a GitHub user under the alias devops199 discovered, as he himself claims, an accidental bug in the source code of the contract, which allowed him to destroy the library..

As a result, around 600 wallet owners lost access to their money, including Polkadot, a project of former Ethereum CTO and Parity founder Gavin Wood. The Polkadot wallet currently has over 306,000 ETH, or about $ 200 million at current exchange rates.

“This proposal is necessary because the Ethereum protocol does not allow self-destructing contracts to be recovered, and there is no other simple way that would allow affected users and companies to regain access to their tokens and ether,” Shaudon wrote on GitHub.

Previous EIPs with proposals to restore such contracts have met with strong opposition from the Ethereum community. EIP-999 has also been criticized, including because the only problem it proposes to solve is to unfreeze funds on the Parity wallet.

Ethereum community split over controversial ...

Voting on the Etherchain portal in which anyone can take part the holder of Ethereum, having signed a message using his wallet, where the weight of each vote is equivalent to the amount of ether on the wallet, showed that there is no agreement on the way out of this situation in the community either. Holders of 52.6% of funds or about 1.6 million ETH vote against the update.

However, users of social networks consider voting to be dishonest, since even funds frozen on the Parity wallet can be used in it, that is, over 500,000 ETH, which will most likely go to support a positive decision on EIP-999.

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