Crypto exchange MapleChange will not refund users …

Crypto exchange MapleChange will not return users to their assets after alleged hack

Small Canadian cryptocurrency exchange MapleChange reported that a platform bug allowed hackers to withdraw funds from its wallets.

“Since we do not have the money to pay off anyone, the exchange, unfortunately, has to close. This also applies to all our social media accounts, “the company wrote..

Hours after the incident and the shutdown of MapleChange’s social media accounts, a group of investors calling themselves “Maplechang’ed” was able to identify the exchange’s CEO and posted his name and address on Twitter. It turned out to be a certain Glad Poenaru, a technical specialist at American Piledriving Equipment, whose address coincided with the location of MapleChange.

Following the disclosure of this information, the MapleChange Twitter account went live and greeted users with the following announcement: “Guys, we haven’t disappeared. We just temporarily disabled accounts to consider a solution. We cannot refund all users, but we will open wallets with what is left so people can (hopefully) withdraw their funds. “.

While the exchange’s latest announcement was met with great skepticism, Maplechang’ed notes that some of the funds remained in its wallets. Although the amount of damage is currently not disclosed, in response to a comment from one of the users demanding the return of 93 bitcoins, the exchange wrote: “We never had more than 5 BTC, even during the most active time.”.

Crypto exchange MapleChange will not refund users ...

The company has confirmed that it will not be able to refund funds in Bitcoin and Litecoin, while promising to transfer its remaining assets to Conceal (CCX) and Lumeneo (LMO) – two recently launched cryptocurrencies, which accounted for most of MapleChange’s trading volume, but which are hardly represented on other exchanges – to developers, thus making another hard-to-explain decision.

The MapleChange website is currently unavailable. The link to join the server in Discord, where users were asked to post their complaints about the stolen funds, also turned out to be invalid, from which we can conclude that the exchange’s management decided to follow the initially chosen line of behavior and hide.

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