Chinese students used blockchain …

Chinese Students Use Ethereum Blockchain To Bypass Censorship

Although the Chinese government has largely banned digital currency activities, the underlying technology of Bitcoin and Ethereum has made it possible to convey the truth to Chinese student activists from the #meetoo movement..

Peking University student You Xing tried to publicize the professor’s sexual assault against a student, which happened two decades ago – long before the author of the project entered this university. Yo and several other students were inspired by the global #meetoo movement against sexual violence. Students learned about the details of the attack after they applied for freedom of information to Peking University.

University officials tried to silence Yow, but students permanently documented this case on the immutable Ethereum blockchain..

Yo wrote an open letter detailing how management tried to keep her from revealing the details of the sex scandal and intimidated her to destroy all evidence, then sent her home in disgrace..

Yo’s letter began to spread on WeChat and Weibo, the largest Chinese messengers. Eventually screenshots were blocked and messages disappeared.

Chinese students used blockchain ...

Instead of yielding to Chinese authorities dampening the country’s #meetoo movement, activists have placed Yo’s memories on the immutable Ethereum blockchain. The letter was published anonymously using an ether transaction and cost less than $ 1.

“This is a symbolic action, and it is unlikely to be adopted by a mass audience. Decentralized media still have a long way to go, ”said Isaac Mao, who, Bloomberg writes, has developed a blockchain-based media platform capable of resisting censorship..

Chinese students used blockchain ...

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