Chinese search engine Baidu will censor …

Chinese search engine Baidu will censor cryptocurrency-related discussions

Chinese search engine Baidu has joined Alibaba and Tencent in recently deciding to restrict cryptocurrency-related activities on their services.

Beijing-based business publication China Times reports that Baidu intends to censor and ban cryptocurrency discussions on its social network Baidu Tieba.

“The company is currently tightening control over digital currencies and will not allow the opening of sub-forums related to this topic, in accordance with the latest requirements of regulators,” the publication says, citing anonymous sources close to the company..

A spokesman for Baidu Tieba, speaking with CoinDesk, said that his “company will conduct its business of managing the forum in accordance with the laws of China,” but declined to comment on the cryptocurrency issue in particular..

Currently searching for “digital currency” and “virtual currency” results in the following message: “This forum is temporarily closed due to applicable laws, requirements and policies”.

Chinese search engine Baidu will censor ...

Commenting on this change, a Baidu Tieba spokesman hinted that these sub-forums were suspected of spreading information about cryptocurrencies and ICOs. “This was done for the same reason WeChat did,” he said, citing news last week that a popular Chinese messenger shut down local cryptocurrency media accounts..

Other sub-forums, including those under the headings “bitcoin”, “ethereum” and “bitcoin mining”, are available and active at the time of publication.

Alibaba and Tencent announced last week that they will partner with the government and closely monitor activities on their services that may be related to OTC cryptocurrency trading. On Friday, several Chinese regulatory agencies issued a warning regarding foreign exchange trading and new types of fundraising with cryptocurrencies..

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