Blockstream has developed 7 apps for …

Blockstream has developed 7 apps for the Lightning Network

Blockstream, a blockchain solutions company, has unveiled a series of applications designed to further spread the second-tier payment channel technology for the Bitcoin Lightning Network..

The developers have already introduced FileBazaar, which allows you to accept micropayments through the Lightning Network to pay for content such as photos, videos or documents, and Lightning Publisher, a plugin that allows anyone to get paid for distributing content in the WordPress system..

On March 24, Blockstream announced the creation of Nanotip LApp, an application that “solves the problem of requesting payments in Lightning by creating a simple web server that records payment requests in real time.” The solution can be used to send small donations and gives the recipient a significantly higher degree of anonymity than conventional payments on the bitcoin blockchain.

Later, Paypercall was introduced, “creating a next generation Internet for micropayments, in which web developers can request payment for certain programmable actions with an API.”.

“Do you want to receive micropayment when a user sends an SMS? Want to offer image processing services? Paypercall allows developers to do this, and instant payments allow instant access to API functionality. “.

On March 26th, Nanopos was released, “a simplified sales system for companies dealing with fixed-price goods.” The app allows sellers to create line items through a configuration file, and buyers can pay for items simply by scanning QR codes and sending payment to the Lightning Charge server.

Blockstream has developed 7 apps for ...

The latest Blockstream application released to date is Ifpaytt, which uses Lightning Charge and Paypercall as well as the IFTTT (If This Then Then) infrastructure. It allows you to create triggers and actions based mini apps or, in other words, get paid via Lightning for any action a user takes on a website..

According to this promise, Blockstream will soon introduce the latest, seventh application that extends the functionality of the Lightning Network technology..

Earlier it became known that the Lightning Network outpaced Bitcoin Cash in the number of nodes.

Blockstream has developed 7 apps for ...

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