BitMEX has closed the account of Ton Weiss …

BitMEX closes Ton Weiss account due to his American citizenship

A well-known trader in the cryptocurrency community, Ton Weiss, tweeted that his account on the BitMEX crypto-derivatives exchange was closed due to suspicions that he is a US citizen..

Shortly before that, Weiss published a message, where he drew attention to the fact that during the upcoming hard fork of Bitcoin Cash, in the event of a blockchain split, it intends to use the Bitcoin ABC chain in its contracts and not include the Bitcoin SV chain in them. He also attached a referral link to the message. According to the trader’s own words, more than 900 referrals were linked to his BitMEX account before it was closed.

It is worth noting that Weiss is indeed a US citizen, but BitMEX, according to its own rules, does not accept residents of the United States and some other jurisdictions, until recently was known for its loyalty to this requirement. At the same time, Weiss noted that over the past year he spent about 30 days in the United States, which is why his status as a “resident”, as indicated in the rules, is controversial.

As a reminder, last week the Commission on US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) took action against exchange operator EtherDelta, which was accused of servicing trading in securities without registering. Experts who commented on the decision of the American regulator agreed that it could have far-reaching consequences for the cryptocurrency industry..

BitMEX closed the account of Ton Weiss ...

Weiss also said that the exchange gave him time to leave a request to withdraw the remaining funds, and closed the account he had been using for 4 years. Together with the account, Weiss’s publicly known short position was closed, which he took at $ 6,150, calling it “the first and possibly the only Bitcoin deal this year.”.

BitMEX, for its part, does not comment on what is happening.

BitMEX closed the account of Ton Weiss ...

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