An unknown person brought out to be frozen …

Unknown withdrew assets of ex-Steem validators to be frozen on Bittrex

The planned hard fork took place on the Steem blockchain on Wednesday. It became part of the ongoing struggle between incumbent Steem validators and ex-hives who switched to the Hive blockchain after Tron CEO Justin Sun took over broad powers on the first network. The hard fork was aimed at blocking the assets of former Steem validators as posing a threat to its security.

However, the organizers failed to achieve this goal, since the funds to be blocked were withdrawn to the account of the Bittrex exchange, says CEO JPB Liberty and member of the Steem ecosystem, Andrew Hamilton..

Technically, the freeze was supposed to be carried out by transferring assets from 64 accounts to one, marked “community321”. The fork went according to plan, but from the last account, the assets went to the Bittrex exchange for unclear reasons. Steem Validators Ask Bittrex To Return “Stolen Assets”.

In a conversation with Cointelegraph, Hamilton said that the fork organizer apparently had access to the “community321” account. He admits that the security measures for this account could be insufficient, or that the key was used by the creator not according to an agreed scenario..
Sun, for his part, said he had contacted the police regarding the theft of several million dollars by Hive validators..

An unknown person brought out to be frozen ...

The Bittrex exchange also reacted to the incident, acknowledging the receipt of funds and noting that it could not return the tokens without following all the procedures related to confirming their ownership. At the same time, she noted that the Steem blockchain reached a consensus on the transfer of assets from 64 accounts to the “community321” account, regardless of what disagreements this hard fork may cause.

“We believe that in order to maintain the integrity of the blockchain as an industry, we must adhere to the blockchain consensus rules without confusing them with the personal opinions we may have,” the company writes..

An unknown person brought out to be frozen ...

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